Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interrupting Myself . . .

I'm going to interrupt my very own scheduled blogging of last weekend's recap. If you're interested, you can read Part I and Part II and check back soon for Part III!

Instead, I wanted to share about an amazing organization that I knew nothing about until literally, last Monday, February 28th. Fellow heart mom Jenny, whose daughter Aly is having her Fontan next Wednesday (please pray!), posted on Facebook about a non-profit organization called Heartfelt Couture and I was intrigued. This non-profit sent Jenny an adorable princess hospital gown and personalized prayer pillow to Jenny for Aly's upcoming surgery. And can I just say? They. Were. Adorable.

Of course, with Chase's heart cath scheduled for later this month, I loved the idea of seeing him in a cute little gown instead of the standard yucky MUSC yellow. Here, see what I mean from his last heart cath one year ago:

Totally awesome, right?

Well, the thought of something fun, cute and special to Chase was just too much to handle so I emailed Keri, the founder of Heartfelt Couture. We exchanged a few messages that evening about what Chase is into... not the least of which is Toy Story.

Imagine my surprise when ONE WEEK LATER, we received this in our mailbox:

Oh. Em. Gee! Right?! Seriously, how cute is this?! Although I'm dreading handing my boy over for such an invasive procedure, complete with general anesthesia and an overnight stay, I have to admit he's gonna be the cutest little guy in all of the Same Day Cath Lab at MUSC Children's Hospital!

Thank you SO MUCH to Keri and the folks at Heartfelt Couture for making both mine and my little boy's day brighter when we head to MUSC for his heart catheterization. You are making a difference by bringing a smile to the otherwise dreadful experiences of heart families and their hospital stays!


  1. WHAT is this? Here I thought I was finally going to learn about the creamy coleslaw and instead it's some clothing review? Ack!!! Just kidding sista - love this. SO creative! She really does amazing work, huh? I'll have to remember her when it's Fontan time for us. :-)

  2. Precious!!

    I'll definitely have to remember that one too!

  3. That is the cutest hospital attire ever!

  4. I have finally taken a little while to sit down and read through your blog...well, the last 4 or 5 posts, at least. I am SO glad you were able to go to California and meet the other heart moms face to face, as well as be there for the service honoring Travis. I enjoyed reading the first 3 phases...looking forward to the remaining details! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Toy Story gown and pillow for Chase!! What an AMAZING gift! I know it will be excruciating for you to hand Chase over again for another heart procedure, but it will be nice to know that he has something made just for him, especially for him. Praying for you all!