Friday, March 18, 2011

A Photoful Post

It's been awhile since I've shared some decent pics of my kids (read: ones that were taken on my "big girl" camera and not my iPhone), so I thought I'd bust out a post full o' pics of my little ones. Hope you enjoy!

First up are some pool pics from our recent family "vacation" to Cincinnati. These kids sure do love to swim and splash in the heated indoor hotel pool!

LO loves swimming!

This boy LOVES to splash!

Such a handsome little man!
Where's Chase??

Peek-a-boo, happy boy!
Getting worn out...

Just kiddin'! Let's keep splashin'!

Now on to our day at the park today. The weather was a super nice, so I decided to pack up the kids and some lunch and head to a park near hubs' office so he could join us for some fun! We had a nice picnic, followed by fun on the playground!

My first shot of LO. Not sure if she thought I was gonna steal her PB&J or what,
but something had to prompt this gem of a glare!

That's better!

Chase. Just bein' cute.

Love this messy grin!

Still bein' cute. Yes, he had a Dorito or two with lunch... ;)
No idea what he was doing. Just goofing off for the camera, I presume.

Soooooooooo big!

Trying to steal mommy's camera!

My beautiful girl!!!

Little Miss Hollywood getting her climb on.
Happy, crazy, silly girl!

One of Chase's newest skills... squatting! He's got all the control now and can go down and back up repeatedly. A big deal!

I love this handsome chunk o' goodness!

Not sure what he's up to, but I'm VERY sure I love it!

Miss Thing preparing to slide.

I just wanna gobble him up! Especially in the hat. Cutest. Lil' guy. Ever.

Beautiful girl!

My girl!

A new and favorite past-time: WALKING!!!

Yes, this boy LOVES to walk everywhere now! Such a proud mommy I am!

Seeing something worth pointing out...

Lovin' the swing!

Up to no good...

Tried to get ONE shot of BOTH kids together... and this was the best I could do. :(


  1. Love the pics! The kids are absolutely precious...I especially love the backwards hat and the Hollywood climb! :)

  2. Very cute pictures of your kiddos!!!