Friday, February 17, 2012

Drumroll, Please...

Our granite went in earlier today and I could hardly wait to check it out! I held my breath as I walked into the kitchen, but thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't color correct any of these images, so what you see is what I saw. There was some natural light coming from the morning room windows, and the recessed lighting was on overhead.

Here's the wall that will eventually have the refrigerator and stove:

The entire kitchen (along with the rogue dishwasher off to the side, waiting to be installed):

Another angle:

Obviously not a pic of granite, but I was super excited to see our GE Cafe' microwave was installed. You should see it in real life... it's kinda high, but we were totally expecting that. I find it slightly comical, but definitely something we'll get used to rather quickly I'm sure. ;)

Here's a pic of the granite on the gourmet island. No scary "vein" running throughout, and no visible seams. Win-Win!

Here's the area near the sink/bar. It's crazy how busy the granite countertops are compared to the laminate counters we're used to in our current home. I'm sure this'll be a quick adjustment, too. :)

A close-up of my granite, Santa Cecilia.

Overall I was very pleased with the look of the kitchen now that the cabinets and granite (and some appliances) are installed. It's definitely coming along and I think I like it! The only thing I was a little disappointed by was that the granite guy installed the 4-inch backsplash that we specifically requested NOT be installed (since we're planning on a glass tile backsplash instead). It's no biggie -- they can remove it and patch the walls. I haven't mentioned too much about the drama with the kitchen floor or the drama with the alarm company charging us for work that wasn't completed, but let's just say we've added the backsplash miscommunication to the list of issues that we're currently working through. Thankfully we haven't hit any major roadblocks along this journey (so far). I don't mind working through these kinds of things.

So, what do YOU think? Did I make the right choice? I think so... And ultimately I guess it doesn't matter 'cause there's no going back now! Haha! ;)