Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sickness and Flooring

I dragged my sick, tired self stopped by the house yesterday with the kiddos to check on the progress since it's been FIVE WHOLE DAYS since I've been by there. We had a busy weekend, and I've been sick since Sunday. No fun.

So let me back up to yesterday morning. I started off with a quick trip to the grocery store with Chase, during which he coughed (a horrible sounding cough -- enough so that our cashier asked if he had asthma) the entire time. This then prompted a last-minute sick visit for Chase at his pediatrician to puh-leaze get to the bottom of his obnoxious, irritating cough. The poor kid! It's been awful all. day. long. and of course even worse at night.

Doc's prognosis?

Probably just allergies.

Gee. Thanks.

Chase just finished up 10 days of Amoxicillin but he went ahead an prescribed another round of antibiotics, this time some Augmentin, just to be sure we're getting rid of anything that might need to be rid of. But we'll be trying some Zyrtec (allergies) for a day or two to see if that helps; if not, on to Round 2 of antibiotics!

Anywho, after the morning grocery store run, followed by the trip to Chase's pediatrician, we were off to get LO from school, then to stop by the house to check progress, then off to an impromptu doctor's appointment (with two kids past due for naps, I might add) for mommy's sore throat and obnoxious cough.

Almost two hours, a blood draw, a throat swab, a steroid shot, a declined chest x-ray and a strep throat diagnosis later, we were FINALLY on our way home with late afternoon NAPS (prescribed by mommy) for ALL THREE of us.

It was a glorious nap. And about 7 hours later, that steroid shot started to kick in and I finally started to feel some relief late last night. Joy!

Now to revisit the stop by the house to check progress. I was stoked to see all of our doorknobs were installed--including the front door--which worried me that we would soon be locked out and impromptu trips wouldn't be possible. But hubs checked with our PM and the house is only locked at night, although we can get a key if needed. Yay!

So nice, shiny, nickel doorknobs everywhere -- woot! Also, the resilient/vinyl flooring was installed in the kitchen, pantry, morning room, powder room and mudroom downstairs. It was mostly covered with cardboard to keep it protected, but I was able to get a shot of it.

After looking over these pics with hubs and comparing them to the actual flooring we selected for the kitchen, I'm not so sure it's what we ordered and/or were expecting. Here's a pic of our selection from the Armstrong flooring website. See?

Not sure it's just the lighting. Seems the floor they installed has a LOT more orange-y/peach-y tones in it than what I was expecting. Of course we'll get to the bottom of this, but my biggest fear is that the flooring IS right and it just happens to look THAT different than the sample we selected it from. See how unorange-y/unpeach-y it looked in the flooring showroom?

Weird. The one I thought we selected was a very soft beige-y/creamy/off-white-ish tone and I really liked it. ((sigh))

Moving on... The master bathroom was completely tiled! This includes the garden tub, shower with bench and flooring.

There will be a glass wall separating the shower from the tub, and another glass wall in front with the door to the shower. Can't wait to see it all together!

Guess that's the latest update for now. Thanks for following along with us on this exciting journey. It's fun for me to share our progress with you guys and I hope it's not been too boring for you!

I'll keep you posted about the kitchen flooring, of course... ;)

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