Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Paci: Night #1

Chase has two pacis. An orange one and a blue one. He only gets them at nap time and at bedtime. And at any doctor's appointments that involve echos or vaccines. Lately he's been wanting to keep the paci after nap time and wander around the house with it in his mouth, or he'll ask for it mid-morning when he'd not even due for a nap. I had previously planned to rid him of the paci in December, but didn't quite get around to it with the other things on our plate at that time. Fast-forward to yesterday: I was ready to give it a go!

It was about time for bed, and Chase was sitting on my lap on the couch. My mom (aka "Mona") was leaving after dropping off some soup for her sickly daughter when I gave Chase his orange paci, complete with the very tip of it snipped off (thus causing it to lose suction).

Here's his take on his first experience with his "new" paci (pardon all the chatter in the background):

Just a few seconds later... (again, please pardon the background discussion with LO and trying to get her to listen to her daddy and not get in the way of my filming, etc.). ;)

Tell me, don't you just love the way he keeps chewing on the paci, taking it out, looking it over, sticking his finger in it, and overall being puzzled by the events? And I about DIED laughing when he gave it back to me and asked for his "blue paci" -- which had already been snipped as well. Haha!

We put him to bed as usual, and he kept the paci in during story time (mostly by chomping his teeth down on it instead of sucking on it), and he was of course over by his door, talking/whining/crying under the door within 2 minutes of turning out the light and closing his door. We pretty much ignored him and -- believe it or not -- he was totally quiet after a mere 5-10 minutes.


I'm so proud of him! The best part is that he slept through the ENTIRE NIGHT without getting up or crying once, and he slept in this morning until after 8AM! WOOT!!!!!

So proud of my little guy! Can't wait to see how he handles nap time this afternoon, and whether or not tonight will be as easy as last night was. Overall I'm extremely impressed! This boy NEVER ceases to amaze me!!!

Way to go, Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. On a completely unrelated note... I think potty training is just around the corner! Of course I'll wait until we're comfortably settled into our new home before starting, but I expect we'll give it a go over the summer. Yay!!!


  1. So happy to hear this is going so well! We still haven't taken Aly's away and she is SO attached- she begs for it all the time but is only allowed at bedtime and nap time too. Maybe I'll give your method a go. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I was JUST thinking about you last night! We seem to have lost all but 3 of Bodie's pacifiers. 2 of them are the 0-6 month size and he has literally chewed holes in them, but doesn't care (so much for just snipping the end off when it's time to wean, right?). The other one is a 6month + and it's his preferred one at the moment. Well, last night, I couldn't find the 6 month + one, so I just gave him the 2 smaller, chewed up ones. He LOST HIS MIND. Literally laid on the kitchen floor, head down, screaming at me for a good 5 minutes straight. We just ignored him, stepped over him and did family time (I mean, I didn't have a choice, right? I literally don't know where the other pacifier went). I mean, you literally would have thought we were pulling his arms off. RIDIC. Clearly, paci weaning is nowhere in our future! Hahahaha! Glad to see you're more successful - though his face is so sad. :-(