Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Recent Happenings

Lots of cool stuff happened at the house last week! I thought I'd compile all of those happenings into one blog update. Read on!

Our back patio was poured last Wednesday. We chose to have it extended the length of the house so we'll have enough room for the patio table and chairs, gas grill and several of the kids' toys. We'll have big plans for this space... eventually.

Our driveway and sidewalk were poured last Wednesday as well! Yay!

The fireplace granite, mantle and trim. Done!

The master bathroom vanity. I LOVE the contrast of my espresso vanity with the white marble counter and sink. The floor plan actually calls for dual sinks, but hubs and I have never been ones to fight over sink space. We preferred having the extra counter space for all of our junk instead. ;)

The master bedroom. All of the window trim, baseboard and doors were finished on Thursday throughout the entire house, and all of the walls and ceilings have been painted as well.

Here's the laundry room door and one of the bedroom doors. I wasn't expecting the laundry room door to be different than the ones in the rest of the house, but I don't think I care (unless it results in minimal soundproofing, in which case we'll have issues). ;)

The bedroom over the garage -- probably Chase's. I didn't take pics of the other bedrooms or the loft. Or the kitchen, now that I think about it. Or the great room or morning room. What a random update this is turning out to be.

Our attic stairs were installed, too! Told ya -- random!

The handrails for the stairs are also in -- just need to be stained.

Our front door received its first coat of paint, and the post on the porch was finally added. I'm hoping they plan to paint it white because I'm not sure that taupe-y color matches anything... ;)

Our granite vendor was at the house on Friday when I stopped by to take some of these pics. He was measuring for the countertops, which should be going in THIS WEEK!!! The flooring should start this week, too! Should start to see some big changes in the days ahead! Woot!

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