Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Lied.

I thought the Pollenex Wall-Mount Microban Showerhead was the answer to my showerhead's mildew-y, moldy yuckiness.

But alas, I was wrong.

Hubs was ever-so-sweet to install his own birthday present (ha-ha!) last night. Unfortunately, I was totally bummed to find out that there was absolutely no water pressure with our new purchase. Phooey!

I returned it to Sears today and decided to make do with the one we've got. I will give hubs some props, though. He impressed me with his mad cleaning skills. I put him to work with a spray bottle of Clorox 2, an old toothbrush and a handful of toothpicks (sounds like stuff MacGyver would use to escape a prison cell!) and our old showerhead was as good as new! At least for another few weeks before I make ask him to do it again!

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