Monday, August 11, 2008


How fun is it to watch the Olympics? Hubs and I had the realization during the opening ceremony Friday night that this was "our first Olympics!" We started dating and were married in 2005, so this is the first Olympics we've experienced together. What a fun thing!

We both enjoy watching the swimming, diving and gymnastics stuff. Not so much the track n' field or outdoors-ie stuff. Watching that men's relay 4x100m swimming last night was amazing! I thought there was NO WAY team USA would pull off a win for the gold. It was SO amazing to watch it happen!

On a completely unrelated note... How many of you are active FaceBook users? I signed up last week and have found about 30 friends I know. I'm just not sure I see what the big deal is. I guess part of it is that hubs is a bit overprotective when it comes to the information we (in other words, "I") share about us on the Internet (afraid of freaky stalker-type people), so I don't plan to share photos or any other kind of personal information. But the little applications and walls and things just don't make a lot of sense to me. Maybe it's also because I'm already plugged in to Twitter? Maybe because I share photos with friends and family via email and .Me web galleries? I dunno. Just can't tell what the big fuss is. Oh, well.

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  1. I agree with the Facebook thing, I have gotten in touch with a few "lost" friends and that was cool. But other than the random few friends I have that *prefer* to communicate via Facebook (which I think is a little odd), I don't do much on there. I tried to get into it, I loaded pictures when the girls were born and wrote on peoples walls, but got over it quickly. Oh, well.