Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation, Anyone?


Hubs, LO and I are heading out for a family vacation!!!

((stunned silence))

((crickets chirping))

Seriously! I'm so stinkin' excited! And you would not believe how easy it was to get hubs on board with the idea! For those of you that know hubs, it takes an act of congress for him to approve any frivolous expenditures like vacations (LOL!). Anywho, we were chatting the other night and I mentioned that I'd love to take LO to the beach again one more time before the summer's over. I didn't want to go back to the Isle of Palms where we typically go every May. I wanted to do something different. Go somewhere different. Experience something new--as a family.

I have always wanted to visit Hilton Head Island as I've heard great things about it and have seen some really beautiful pictures...

Goodness! I can't wait to hit the road! And I can't believe it but hubs is actually quite excited about our trip, too! But his excitement has little to do with being at the beach. He's totally trippin' about the awesome deal we got on Priceline! See, hubs was a "Priceline virgin" when I mentioned the idea, but actually was willing to give it a try (after reading tiny print and disclaimers and terms and conditions for hours and hours, of course!). Anyway, we managed to get a Resort hotel for $64/night right on the "main drag" of Hilton Head Island! He went to work the next day gloating and telling anybody who would listen all about it (and probably some who couldn't care less, too!). It was SO cute. But SO exciting! What a great deal!

I can't wait to tell you guys about the hotel when we get back and whether or not they stuck us in a tiny room with no view next to the maintenance/air conditioning room with all the loud noises. I'm not a big fan of hotels just because I can only imagine the germs and other lifeforms that may very well be coexisting with us during our stay (eeew!). But as long as we keep our socks on and have a big ol' bottle of Purell nearby, we should be okay! LOL!

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