Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bummed Out!

I just found out that the retail store where we purchased the baby's bedroom furniture is going out of business. I hate this because it's a really great store, with awesome, well-priced merchandise and is owned by a wonderful Christian family. I'm further bummed because the bedroom furniture we ordered a mere two weeks ago apparently cannot and will not be "officially" ordered. So unless we find another store that sells this line of furniture, I may need to choose new stuff instead of the lovely Bonavita Metro collection in Licorice (a black finish) we ordered. Here it is again, just to look at and sigh...

On the bright side, I may have found another option. It's the Urban collection by Munire. Check it:

It's very similar to the Metro line, but it unfortunately doesn't come in the dark black finish. This pic is Espresso, which still looks a lot like Cherry to me.

Oh, well. We should know more by this weekend about what our options are and what we decide to do.

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