Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Moments of Joy

Hubs and I have had a rough couple of days. And it's only the beginning. But I thought it would be a good idea to share some joy and focus on the positive things in life. Right now the most positive thing in our lives is our precious LO. Here are some random moments with her that have brought us joy.

She was supposed to be eating her breakfast, but was distracted by something on the TV. I know this picture isn't great, but she was literally frozen in place for several moments with her arms up in tiny fists. Her concentration was hilarious:

Earlier this week we rode to work with daddy so he could pick up some things he needed. LO and I waited for him in the car, where she found the way-too-oversized sunglasses I had bought for her a few weeks ago. Here she is being her darling little self:

Thursday night, we decided LO needed a "time out for fun" and we headed to a local indoor fun park. It started with dinner at Johnny Rockets (YUM! Smoke House Single for mommy: Cheddar cheese, thick bacon, crispy onion rings & "Smoke House" barbecue-ranch sauce. Delish!), then it was time to play! LO enjoyed the little carousel most of all. She's been talking about the horses all day!

At the end of the fun park experience, LO got to choose some cheesy toys with her whopping 89 tickets. We ended up with a star flapper thingy, a red plastic maraca, a stuffed "Cars" toy and a bracelet. Here she is showing off her "loot" before we left:

We are so very blessed to have LO in our lives. God is so good!


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