Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shake it, Dancing Queen!

I couldn't help but share this little (tiny, actually) video of LO from our neighborhood's pool party Saturday night. They were playing "The Cupid Shuffle" (a song I've never heard of before -- when did I get so out of the loop?!) and all of the kids jumped out of the pool to get their dance on.

Well, of course, you KNOW my little one wouldn't want to be left out of the dancing spot light! She busted her own little moves and I captured them on my totally lame cell phone. Obviously next year I'm going to need to bring our mini-DV video camera so I can capture footage worthy of her amazing skills!

Seriously, I'm not even sure you can see her in this video... she's the tiny little person in the greenish-colored suit. And yes, that's mommy telling her to "shake it!" Enjoy!

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