Monday, June 8, 2009


Last weekend, hubs, LO and I headed over to the baby furniture store to see about getting the baby's furniture. Since our original order could not be officially placed (unfortunately the awesome store is going out of business), we were able to select a set from the floor displays. It worked out in our benefit because we were able to get several items we need for the baby's room at about a 30% discount!

We ended up with the Munire Urban lifetime crib and 5-drawer dresser, a mattress and a new glider/rocker combo with ottoman. While the sales associate was writing up our order, I happened to notice -- SO at the almost last minute! -- they DID have the Jungle Tales crib bedding on display as well! I was SO surprised! I was able to get the 6-piece set, lamp AND mobile! I was totally stoked! So the only items we still want as far as room decor goes is the 3-piece wall hanging and the night light! What a deal!

I'm sort of at a standstill right now because I can't put the baby's room together yet. Hubs and I have been in discussions to have the carpet replaced throughout the house. It's gonna run us about $1,500 (did I mention hubs is in the process of building a deck, too!?) and ultimately, I'm just not sure it'll be worth it. I'm gonna look into the idea of having all of the carpets super-cleaned, removing all the furniture from all the rooms, etc., having them spot treated, etc. so that they're basically like-new. I'm guessing this will run us about $500. I think this is a decent compromise that requires slightly less effort (and money)! Once the carpets are either cleaned or replaced, I can start setting up the room. The walls are already painted a lovely cream color, I already purchased the window treatments, and we've just about got the room emptied out of miscellaneous junk.

It's hard to believe we'll be 20 weeks next Sunday! This pregnancy is flying by -- perhaps more so than the first one because this time I have LO around to keep me busy and entertained!

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