Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jungle Fever

Out of sheer joy and excitement, I have already started looking for the perfect nursery ensemble for our son's room. For some reason, I'm not in a "slap-a-crap-load-of-blue-up-all-over-the-place" kind of mood. For LO's room, we went with the Clothes Line bedding by Kidsline. It was simple, not too "pink-y" and was just perfect for our precious girl. So for this boy, I'm not planning to go overboard with a butt-load of BLUE everywhere. For some reason, I think I've got jungle fever! I like the idea of animals as a theme for our little boy's room.

So, I've found three options that I'm considering. Now, I haven't spent a TON of time researching the available options out there, so I'm sure I'll probably come across other ideas I like as we get closer to my due date. But for now, I thought I'd present these three options and allow my blog reader(s?) to voice their thoughts/opinions. Of course I do have my favorite of these three, but I'll wait until after you weigh in to share!

Option 1: Jungle 123 by Kidsline

Option 2: Jungle Tales by Nojo

Option 3: Jackson by Cocalo

Thoughts? Comments? This inquiring mind wants to know!


  1. Not a fan of blue either. Eli's room is green/brown with that same monkey from #1. I like all of them, but I'm gonna go 2-1-3. The longer I look at them, I may change my mind though....hmmm?

  2. You said you were thinking jungle and #1 is in sync with that idea.

    See, my favorite color is blue so I LOVE blues, but we didn't know we were having a boy so Ian's room is pistachio green and even though I didn't know if we were having a boy, I did get some blue things like the glider cushions. How perfect did that work out?!

    I like 3--it's different but fun. But 1 is closer to the jungle theme and I do love how it's the brightest. #2 is my last pick. It's very neutral...but they're all great options!

    Good luck!!