Thursday, January 7, 2010


So last night at dinner, hubs said something very moronic (I can't recall exactly what it was). So I sarcastically called him a genius.

LO looked at me and said, "Genius?" although she didn't pronounce it correctly at all. She obviously doesn't hear this word around our house much.

I said, "Yes, LO. Your daddy is a genius."

She looked at me and, pronouncing the word correctly this time, said, "Daddy's a genius? I don't know about that..." as she was shaking her head.

Hubs and I busted out laughing. Our LO is one smart cookie! And constantly making us laugh!

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On a totally unrelated note, LO and I made cupcakes the other day. Here are some cute pics of her helping!

She loves the new stool her Pa Pa made her for Christmas. Although she's still calling it her "school." We're working on that...

Here she is sampling the cupcake batter. It's delicious!

And of course she had to try out the frosting, too! Thank goodness for Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting NOT having milk products in them (so mommy can eat them, too!).

I can't leave our little guy out of the pictures! Here he is from the other day (not too happy about being in his car seat) when I loaded him and LO up to run some errands all by ourselves! We hit Target and Radio Shack and BOTH of the kids behaved wonderfully for me. I was so proud that I was able to run errands with my kids all by myself! :)

And finally, here's a little clip of our boy being his cute little self! Enjoy!

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  1. he's a cutie, and she looks like IS a smart cookie! :D