Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Potty Time!

Guess who finally started potty training the day after she turned 2 1/2? Yep! That's right! Our sweet LO has officially begun the process of ditching the diapers (Amen!)! Yesterday was our first day. I'll be honest, I had NO IDEA where to start. I've read about so many different approaches to potty training, from putting her in pull-ups all day, to going straight to "big girl" panties, to letting her run around the house completely naked for three days to magically do the trick. After much thought, I decided it would be best for us to go straight to the big girl panties during the day, and pull-ups during nap time and nighttime. My assumption is that this would be the best way for her to know when she's had an accident, plus it would eliminate transitioning from pull-ups to panties.

I consider our first day to be a complete success, although we technically had a 50% success rate. Her first accident was on the bean bag we bought her for her first birthday. That was my fault -- I should've known better than to leave the bean bag in the room. Then she headed towards the carpet in her play area and I caught her in the act and put her on the potty. Then later in the day she went twice on her potty! Woot! I was so excited!!! She got a few mini M&Ms and an Elmo sticker each time. At nap time she wore a pull-up and woke up poopy, which I sort of expected. Later in the afternoon she went on the carpet outside the bathroom (again, my bad -- I thought daddy was watching her at the time), but then last night she went in the potty again for the third time! I figure if she uses the potty 3 times on her first day, that's a pretty good first day!!! She woke up very wet this morning, which really didn't surprise me (I understand the nighttime training usually comes later after she masters the daytime). She had one accident this morning where she peed on the hardwood floor standing 2 feet from hubs -- I'm not sure why. But I figure we just stick with this and try to be consistent and hopefully she will figure this out soon. It's really hard to keep her off the couches and carpeted areas, so I hope it doesn't take forever! :)

Here she is announcing to the world what she did yesterday!

On an unrelated note, I took Chase to see his pediatrician yesterday to have him look at his tongue to see if the thrush has cleared up yet or not. His tongue still had a white layer on it and I wasn't comfortable with the nurse I spoke to when I called just calling in another week of treatment (he'd already been on Nystatin for 2 weeks), so I asked for an appointment to see his doctor. So what did the doc say after checking out Chase's tongue? He doesn't have thrush. He never did. Whaa?? This is what I had been saying from the beginning. I just thought he had some white color on his tongue from breastmilk. I guess I should trust my mommy intuition! Regardless, I'm happy that he's fine and we don't have to continue any treatment for thrush. Hubs is especially happy because he's the one that's been soaking all of Chase's bottle stuff, syringes, pacis, etc. in vinegar water and then boiling them every night for the past 2 weeks! Sheesh!!

I took this little video of Chase while we were in the waiting room at the doctor's office. I have to hide the camera from him, otherwise he stares at it and refuses to laugh or smile!


  1. good luck with the potty training. glad chase doesn't have thrush! glad also that you all seem to be doing well!

  2. i'm sure you know this from your research in potty training techniques, but when i was training AB, she learned pretty quickly that she didn't like being wet. keeping LO in panties (while messy and sometimes frustrating at first) will definitely pay off! good job! its a big change for both of yall!

  3. I have the cutest grand niece and nephew in the world :)