Monday, January 11, 2010

Quiet, Sort Of

It's been a relatively quiet day here today. Hubs went back to work this morning so I've been flying solo with my two little ones. LO has behaved well for the most part. If Max & Ruby comes on TV, she zones out for a good 30 minutes. Chase has been good, too. Mostly he's been sleeping, waking up long enough to eat and spit up everywhere. I'm trying to see if he'll take a nap without being swaddled right now, but he's been fussing for a good 10 minutes so I guess I've got my answer. Oh, while I was changing Chase's diaper in the other room, LO was at the table eating lunch and she threw her corn all over the table and floor. I was not very happy about this so there was no dessert for her!

So yes, it's been mostly quiet around here. We're still treating Chase for thrush, and the Nystatin doesn't seem to be working very well. It's been about a week already and the white stuff is still on his tongue, although it doesn't seem to be as thick as before. I called in a refill on the Nystatin so we can try it for another week. Oh, and the best part is I think that what normally happens when a baby has thrush has happened... he shared it with me since I've been nursing him every other feed. Yay.

Sorry I didn't have anything exciting to share today... who really wants to read about corn and infections? Guess I didn't want to let a Monday go by without sharing something with cyberspace, so, there ya go!

Oh, and I'm waaaaay happy to tell you that we have ZERO doctor's appointments this week! I think this is the first week since we've been home (11 weeks) that we haven't had at least one appointment. Woot!

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