Monday, June 23, 2008

Bean Bags

I've been trying to think of gifts hubs and I can get LO for her first birthday. I've been considering a big ol' bean bag that she can flop around on but just can't seem to find one I like. I've never purchased a bean bag before so it has become a bit of a challenge to know what to look for. I mean, I just want something that is comfy to sit on, a cover that is easy to clean, bean filling stuff that is environmentally friendly (and also comfy), that's big enough for her to keep around for a few years, that is sturdy enough to be around for a few years, etc. I mean, really, that's a pretty short list of requirements, right? Right??

So after LOTS of googling, I came across AHH! Products Bean Bag Chairs. What a fun name, huh? Well, they have a HUGE selection of bean bags that have machine-washable covers available in a variety of patterns! I found this one that I love:

It's SO adorable and it totally matches LO's room (yes, this is an old pic of her when she was only 3 weeks old!):

So... I've requested samples of fabric swatches from this AHH! Products company, and will be interested to see how this all goes down. So far it's been good -- they responded quickly to my request for samples, which should already be in the mail. And apparently the bean bags are all made in the U.S.A. and are sewn by hand, so I'm hopeful that the quality will be great! I'll keep you all posted...


  1. Those are very cute. I have been planning on getting the girls an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, have you seen those? I think they are very cute, lots of patterns, and they make bean bag chairs too! In case Ahh! doesn't work out.

  2. Oh how fun! i love bean bag chairs. And I love it when kids flop down on them even more!

  3. i haven't seen a beanbag chair in ages. :)

  4. Those are cute Pottery Barn chairs, Joelle! Thanks for sharing that link!

    I'm hopeful that LO will enjoy flopping around on her new bean bag. I can't wait to check out the sample swatches!

  5. I have a AHH prods beanbag blue jean to be exact and absolutely love it, I like my bean bags to take a beating and it is very comfortable especially once you wear in the jean and the quality is definitely there, plus the water resistant liner is a plus too!