Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick Update

We ordered LO's bean bag over the weekend! I'm SO stinkin' excited! Seriously. I cannot put into words how difficult it will be once that bad boy gets here to put it in the back bedroom and close the door until LO's party. I'm horriblly impatient! Hubs thinks it's hilarious how totally impatient I am. But it's such a cute bean bag and LO's going to absolutely LOVE IT!! We ordered the honkin' 37 inch so she'll be able to use it for a LONG time and we went with the adorable pink gingham fabric. Is it sad that I'm so totally more excited about this than hubs or even LO will be when she sees it for the first time? Sigh. I ought to plan on doing myself the favor of not opening the box when it gets here so I won't be tempted to rip it out and show LO.

Ah, patience... you're like a wicked hangnail on my big toe!

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