Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday Planning is Under Way!

So my little one will be turning ONE in about 6 weeks. It is SO hard to believe how quickly her first year has passed. How sad is it that I started planning her first birthday party about 3 months ago? ;) I've made quite a bit of progress, too! Invites... done! Guest list... almost done! Theme... done!

(How cute is that?!)

Party supplies... done! My goodness--you'd think I was planning a wedding or other event similar in magnitude. Whew! There's still so much to be done, but luckily I think I have enough time. Oh! And I just have to post this absolutely adorable t-shirt I found at BabyGap that LO will be sporting on/around her big day:

Couldn't be more adorable, huh?

I'm also trying to find some fun and memorable traditions to start on her first birthday that we'll do every year from now on. I bought her a special plate that we'll use for her piece of cake each year. I'm thinking about planting a bush or tree that we can take her picture next to each year to see how much she's growing. My awesome SIL came up with the idea of keeping the outfits she wears on each birthday and making them into a quilt when she's older--love that idea! What do you think? Did you have any special birthday traditions as a child or have you started any with your children? Let's discuss!


  1. I can't wait to start planing a first birthday party! Not that I want to rush things. Love the Little Miss Birthday shirt!! What is your theme? I'm looking forward to pictures.

  2. Trust me--you don't have to try to rush things... the time passes so quickly you won't believe it! I posted the napkin of the party theme I chose. It's called "Hugs & Stitches" -- so cute! My SIL and I designed invites rather than buying the blank ones and they came out great! I can't wait to take a billion pics on her big day!

  3. Ah, gotcha.. Hugs & Stitches is adorable! I've already started looking for ideas for my girls b-day, i love this cake and am thinking of just doing an all pink, very girly b-day party. We'll see. I have 9 months to plan.

  4. That cake is gorgeous! I love the idea of a really girly party--so fitting for twin girls! Plus I doubt there are any good "twin" 1st birthday party themes (although there should be!). It definitely doesn't hurt to start getting some ideas in your head now... I'm tellin' ya those 9 months will FLY by!!