Monday, June 9, 2008

First Comes Love... (PART I)

I've been dying to share with all of you the story of how hubs and I met. I guess I feel like it would give you all a little glimpse into my life. I also like to write stuff down since I have a horrible memory (part of the reason I started blogging!). So, without further ado, I give you part one in a multi-part series about me!

It was December 2003. I was working as a Technology Specialist in the Marketing Division of an International life insurance company. Amidst my "to do" list for the day was a presentation/demo in the large board room about a new web portal that might very well replace the website I was responsible for managing at the time. There were two guys from our St. Louis office that were coming to South Carolina for the "dog and pony" show. As usual, I brought my laptop and sat at the front near the projector so I would be close to the necessary network connections, etc.

Before the meeting begins, I'm introduced to the fellas from St. Louie.

"Wow," I thought to myself (of course I'd never say anything like this out loud), "that one guy is HOT! And I don't see a ring! Hmmm... I ought to run to the ladies room before we begin so I can check my hair, apply a new coat of lip gloss and make sure I'm looking as cute as possible for this meeting!"

I excused myself to "get a bottle of water" before the meeting was to begin.

During the meeting, I listened as the guy with hubs (I'll call him hubs 'cause that's who he ended up being, but certainly not who he was at the time!) explained the capabilities of this new web portal, how our field users could access data currently only available to the home office, how nifty and simple it was to add documents, broadcast messages, etc. He tried to demonstrate how you could easily use HTML code but he couldn't get it to work (for you programming geeks out there, he was trying to use as the tag--ha!).

In the meantime, I had already logged into the same demo site, modified his HTML tag, then kindly announced to the guy (ya, with about 30+ people in the room), that I had corrected his tag and if he refreshes the page, it would work. He did, and it did.

I was thinking, "Major props to me with hubs over there! Now he knows I'm smart! Hopefully he's already thinking I'm cute!" I take a moment to fiddle with an earring using my left hand, casually sending the message that there's no ring there, either.

The spiel continues. Questions are asked and answered. At one point, hubs looks across the table at me and speaks. To me. Directly. Ya.

"How's your battery?" he asked.

Slightly perplexed, I answered, "Fine, thank you!" I could feel myself blush. My laptop was plugged into the A/C adapter I brought with me, so the battery was fully charged.

He continues, "Mine's getting low and I didn't bring an adapter. Do you mind if I borrow yours for a few minutes?"

Speechless, I nodded my head, unplugged my laptop and handed him the cable. He plugged it in, then thanked me with a big smile. I was smitten. Wow.

Now, I'm not one to act on the feelings that were stirring inside me. I'm just too afraid of getting shot down, ya know? However, I did make an effort to "hang around" after the meeting, offering co-workers to help with the projector, clean up the refreshments, etc. I just wanted to give hubs an opportunity to make the first move. After what seemed like hours, he made his way over to me.

"Thanks again for sharing your A/C cable with me! I really appreciated it!"

"No problem," I responded. "I'm always happy to help!" (or some other lame comeback response).

He smiled that gorgeous smile again, and headed towards the door.


LOL! Of course that's not the end!! Duh! We're married and have an almost 11-month-old daughter, for goodness sake! Look for Part Two to be posted soon (Okay, so I can't be vague. It'll be tomorrow. I'll post the rest of the story tomorrow.).

Until then!


  1. Yay, I love these love stories. It's so cute and geeky that you guys talked about html on your first meeting. You were truly meant to be:) Can't wait for part two.

  2. HTML totally beats me meeting my husband over spagettios :)