Friday, November 13, 2009

All Clean!

Mommy gave Chase his bath tonight for the first time! It was a tiny bit tricky, but nothing I couldn't handle. Once we move up to 7C, I'll be the one and only person in charge of his care, so it was nice to get a quick trial tonight with a nurse standing nearby for support. Check out my cutie, wearing his very first outfit -- at only 18 days old!

This is kinda hard to see since the lights are low in the PCICU right now (it's after 11pm), but here's my little man with his daddy!

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  1. That video is just precious. I love the yawn! I know you must be getting excited, but also nervous, about the move to 7C. I pray that the transition will be smooth and you will find taking care of Chase to be easier than you ever imagined.