Thursday, November 19, 2009

Progress Report

Well, it's been an uneventful few days here on 7C. Chase has been progressing wonderfully with his feeds: he's now up to a 45 minute compressed feed with 2 hours and 15 minutes between them. His goal is 30 minute compressed feeds, which we should be at tomorrow. He's really surprised me yet again and has been processing his feeds like a champ! He has had almost no reflux which is a HUGE bonus!!! I'm so very proud of him. Oh, and he's now up to 9 lbs. 2 oz. which is further proof his feeds are going well.

So we're scheduled for first case Monday morning for Chase's next bronchoscopy. They'll take him back around 6:30 AM for the procedure and he'll head back to the PCICU for recovery, which I'm totally fine with. My prayer is that everything will go smoothly this time and he won't have any major setbacks. Please keep him in your prayers for Monday, too!

Assuming all goes well Monday morning, Chase will finally have his swallow study on Tuesday. This is a HUGE prayer need because we REALLY need the swallow study to go well so we can start working on bottle feeding! Once he's taking all of his feeds by mouth, WE WILL BE DISCHARGED AND ABLE TO GO HOME!!! So you can imagine how critical this is. I don't even want to get into what will happen if he aspirates when he swallows, so just pray that this final last key to the eating process goes well.

My boy has been sleeping the day away and I haven't been able to bring myself to pick him up and hold him since he's so peaceful! See for yourself below! I think after I post this I'm gonna have to get him -- I can't take it anymore!!! :)

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