Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chest Closure in Progress

Dr. Bradley is in the process of closing Chase's chest right now. He's been at it for about an hour now, and we're anxiously waiting the call to go back and see him. We are grateful that Chase has been doing so well that he can have his chest closed. His numbers and color have been great! The first few hours after the chest closing are critical as his heart adjusts to having less room to do it's thing and as his body adjusts to the change. We are confident that God is watching over our sweet boy and guiding the hands of Dr. Bradley throughout this procedure. We look forward to seeing him very soon!

Our next hurdle after recovering from the chest closure is to get rid of the ventilator (breathing tube). After that, we'll focus on feeds. So far Chase has done great with his fluids -- he's been peeing a LOT (which is AWESOME!) and the drainage from his chest tubes have been decreasing significantly. We are so very blessed that Chase has done so well this week! It has been so amazing to me to get to see answers to prayer right before my very eyes! So many people have been praying for my boy since we first learned of his HLHS diagnosis at 20 weeks, and it is very evident that God has been honoring those prayers. Thanks be to Him for the miraculous work He is performing in our sweet little boy Chase!!!

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