Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 2 Update

Chase had a great night last night! Praise the Lord! We are so very blessed that he has handled this major surgery as well as he has. I know God is definitely in charge of things around here and He's working out His perfect will for Chase right before our eyes!

Yesterday hubs and I got to spend about 5 minutes with Chase after his surgery once he was stable in the PCICU. Then the nurses needed about 2 hours to continue to settle him and work out his numbers, so we went home to have dinner with LO, give her a bath and put her to bed. It was very hard not to come back to the hospital after shift change (around 8:30 PM) but I knew Chase would need his rest after such a big day and that I wouldn't be able to love on him at all anyway. He's in VERY good hands here in the PCICU. It worked out for everyone's benefit because hubs and I had been up for over 36 hours straight with only a 3 hour "nap" Sunday night.

So apparently this morning when the doctors rounded, Chase earned a gold star! They were thinking his report would take the longest since he just had his Norwood surgery yesterday and they assumed he'd be the sickest, but in fact, his report was the shortest of all of them! He had an amazing night, his numbers looked great and overall there wasn't any major concerns or issues with him. He was responding exactly the way a post-Norwood baby would -- even better in some ways! What a major blessing! He had started urinating yesterday after surgery, which apparently most babies don't do. He's continued to do so all day today so he hardly doesn't look swollen or puffy at all! I'm so amazed that he's been doing as well as he has! God has truly been at work here with us!

I cannot find the words to say Thank You to all of you who have been praying for my sweet little miracle. Friends, family and a TON of people we don't even know have lifted Chase to the Father in prayer and we are so very grateful! It's been VERY evident that God has been working in Chase's life and has been giving hubs and I the peace we need to get through this time. Please continue to pray over the next few days as Chase continues to recover from this major surgery. He's been doing so very well and we hope and pray this trend will continue.

Love and thanks to all of you! God bless!!


  1. Great news! C'mon Chase! Keep up the good work! Isn't it such a good feeling every minute you get further out from surgery? I remember them saying the first 24-48 hrs were the most crucial and I remember just counting down those hours feeling more relief every time one passed! I'm so happy he's doing so well!

  2. Awesome news! I will continue to keep Chase in my thoughts and am glad to be able to see updates on your blog (and through my mom of course)!!!
    Love, Rachel

  3. This is so wonderful to read! As you were told, "Chase is in charge" and he's doing a great job. I bless God for his perserverance and your faith. You are loved!

  4. This is a wonderful report. I hope you're able to get some sleep so that you can keep up your strength to be there for Chase!