Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm sorry about my last few posts today. It's been a very frustrating and difficult day -- not at all what I had expected.

We got back to the PCICU around 9:30 PM and I was able to speak with his nurse again. After discussing what transpired during shift change this evening, she mentioned a few more details she had left out when I called earlier. Bottom line was she didn't feel as though Chase was truly ready to be extubated and thought it would be best for him to wait. She did admit there was a LOT going on in the unit at the time, which really didn't make me feel any better about her decision, but I'm happy to say Chase is being extubated as I write this. We should be able to see him in a few minutes.

I guess I just wanted to apologize for my negative attitude when writing my posts today. I just haven't been in a good frame of mind after all that's happened today. Please forgive me!

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  1. If you didn't have a negative attitude, you wouldn't be human. I was angry for you and there is nothing wrong with that. It is good for the nurses to know that you are going to stay very involved with Chase's care. I'll keep praying for your sweet, sweet boy.


  2. Frustrating and difficult are how some of these days go, unfortunately. You are completely valid in feeling the way that you do! Its so hard to see your child go through anything so awful. I don't fault you one bit, honey.
    I'm continuing to pray for Chase.
    ((big hugs))

  3. I'm not usually one to write "me, too" comments but I feel very much like Jeni & Bethany. Please know that though I'm 700 miles away, I'm right there with you in spirit and prayer.

  4. Oh, I'm so very sorry for your frustration and you certainly have every right to be angry! I would have been furious as well. He is such a trooper and so are you! I am praying for his quick recovery... again!! Your little rock star can and will come out of this hurdle.

    In the last couple of posts, I have begun a post and deleted it or just erased it and started anew. After talking to and reading other heart mom blogs, it seems that there is always a "set back" for these babies. I know the nurses warned me of this when Mary Clare was doing so well the first week after surgery. I, of course, didn't want to believe them, but they were right. Her levels dropped and she began shaking uncontrollably. Her color was bad and just overall didn't respond well to anything. It was a huge setback for her and she had to stay a few days longer in the PCICU. It was devastating for us, but I was so glad her "set back" was minor compared to what could have been much much worse! I'm cheering for your sweet Chase and I just know that he will be back off the vent and recovering in no time! Your next hurdle will be feeds I'm sure! Which after what you have been through, probably sounds WONDERFUL!! (And in the grand scheme of things, it is!!) What mother doesn't worry with "feeds?" Right? Heart mom or not! Take care and I can't wait to see more photos of your handsome little man without the vent!!! Love,

  5. By the way, Mary Clare's set back led to another intubation. Her levels eventually came back up and the shaking stopped. Her tiny body didn't respond to coming off of drugs well. She was "hooked" on them and we had to create her own special "coming down" cocktails! I'm telling you, these heart babies of ours are such little miracles!! We are truly blessed to have them! They are my heros!