Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just found out my son finally woke up after his tumultuous afternoon around 7:15 PM and the doctor ordered for him to be extubated. Unfortunately the nurse was busy and needed to get report on another patient so she gave him some morphine instead and decided he'd probably wake up again around 9PM and he could be extubated then instead.


Two extra hours of being on a ventilator that he doesn't need. Two extra hours of that endotracheal tube resting on his sensitive throat right where he was operated on earlier today to remove the irritation caused from him being intubated for almost 2 straight weeks! Two extra hours of TORTURE for my son!!!!!

This is NOT a good day.


  1. Unreal! I'm so sorry you have to go through that, especially after such a horrible day! We're still praying hard for your little boy and will pray he is extubated VERY soon!! Grrrrr, I'm frustrated for you.

  2. I am frustrated for you too! We had a great experience in PICU, but you experience reminds me of our time in step-down. I am so sorry your family and Chase are going through all of that...extubation is a big deal and should not be put off for any reason.

    I am praying extra hard for your family and Chase tonight.