Monday, November 9, 2009

Please Pray

So we had some unexpected news today that will result in Chase returning to the OR on Wednesday. Luckily it isn't a heart-related issue. Chase was seen by an ENT doctor today and she put a scope down his throat to see if there had been any damage to his vocal chords either during the surgery or when he was extubated. Unfortunately they found two issues.

The first problem is that his left vocal chord is paralyzed and is not moving. We are hopeful this is not a permanent issue but we will not know for sure until he gets older. Probably within the next year or so we will know what impact this will have on him. According to the ENT doctor, the impact should be minor in the sense that Chase just won't be able to sing any high opera notes when he grows up. But he'll still be able to talk and yell (yippee!) so we're not terribly concerned about this. It still isn't news we wanted to hear, but it could be much worse.

The second issue they found is the one that will put him in the OR on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently there is some scar tissue near the back is his throat that most likely was caused by the breathing tube irritating his throat. They plan to take him to the OR to remove that scar tissue before it causes further complications. The prognosis for this is good, but they won't know for sure how bad it is until they get him into surgery. The thing about this that upsets me the most is that they'll have to intubate him again for the surgery. This seems counterintuitive to me since it was the breathing tube that caused this issue in the first place! They tell me it will be removed within an hour or so after the surgery, but it just bothers me to know he'll be taking a step backwards in his recovery. Ultimately we have been blessed beyond measure with how well Chase has recovered so far so this truly is a very minor setback. But it just kills me to know my baby will be back in for another surgery and back on the ventilator. My hope and prayer is that the procedure will go well without any complications and they won't find any additional areas of concern. Please begin praying for Chase even now as his little body continues to recover from all of this and as he prepares for another operation.

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  1. I will continue praying for Chase and certainly pray for the surgery Wednesday. At least the breathing tube will only be in a short time this time (though I agree with you, it does seem counter-intuitive - especially when thinking like a mother!).
    Yes, you are right about him yelling. He has a big sister. The boy needs to be able to yell. High opera notes are not important. Yelling-maybe so!
    He sure looks relaxed and content. Could be he likes the food!
    One day Chase will have these blog pages to look back on and see the work God did in his life, even before he was born.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, but I still know God knew all about Chase and loved him even before you began to love him. He will take care of him. I will continue to pray for Chase, but also you, Sean, and Samantha. I know this is unbearably hard for all of you. Chase is so good looking, and looks so peaceful. It hard to believe he's going to be yelling.:)

  3. When I look at the life of Joseph - I see a life ordained for greatness . . . at the Sovereign hand of God. However, it is a life most certainly experiencing one rollercoaster after another. Thrown into a pit, slavery, favor, misrepresented, prison, favor, released . . . . on and on. The Word says, "But, while Joseph was there in the prison . . . the Lord was with him."

    I know that the Lord is with Chase. I will pray for his quick recovery from this next surgery. I will pray for your peace and acceptance.

    You guys are gonna make this. What a gift he is already.

    Love, Terry Jo

  4. Sending good thoughts your way. You are so strong. How is LO?

  5. Hey! My name is Katie Hardman and I came across your blog through The Wilson's. My little girl Marlee had open heart surgery when she was a week old at MUSC. Marlee also had left vocal chord paralysis and we were really worried bc her cry was so raspy and very low. She had to be put on thickened liquids bc her vocal chord was not protecting her airway when she swallowed. Around 4 or 5 months, we noticed her cry was getting louder and now she can SCREAM! If you need to talk about anything just E-mail me! We live in Greenville! :)