Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chest Closure Complete!

My sweet boy's chest closure is complete! He did a great job and looks amazing!!! He even opened his eyes for a few seconds when he heard me talking to him! It was awesome! I wanted to post a pic of him with this post but I didn't get a chance to take one yet! I wanted to let everyone know the procedure is done and I promise I'll post pics of my little rock star soon!

Thanks to all for your continued prayers!!

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  1. Bless God for the success, Kathy. So proud of our "Rock Star" Chase and his All-Star medical team!

  2. Praise the Lord for His continual blessings! Chase is quite the little "Rock Star" - yes, indeed. And, what awesome pics of him. He is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the continual updates - it's so nice to be able to be "there" with you on your blog!! Continuing to lift you, Sean, Chase & Samantha to our Father. God Bless! You are loved!!