Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Chase continues to amaze us with his progress and recovery. His nurse yesterday kept referring to him as a Rock Star! It was too cute! He's still doing so well and we are so very grateful to God for His hand at work in our son's life.

He had a great night last night. They were able to wean him off his Epinephrine, which is one of the things that must be done before they can close his chest. We originally thought that would happen this afternoon, but (1) Dr. Bradley already has two surgeries scheduled today and (2) Chase's chest is still relatively swollen, so it sounds like we'll be waiting until tomorrow to close his chest so he'll have an extra day for his chest swelling to go down. I'm looking forward to this happening but at the same time it's a bit scary because once his chest is closed, we're looking at another series of critical hours as his body adjusts to having less room for his heart to function. I imagine I'll be spending most of the day tomorrow at the hospital watching over my sweet boy. The good thing is the chest closure procedure is completed at the bedside in the PCICU so we don't have to worry about watching him be rolled down the hallway to the OR. But it's still a serious surgery because they'll need to paralyze him and give him lots of meds, as well as go back up on his ventilator settings (he's been weaning off of it slightly since his Norwood on Monday). We are trusting in God that Chase will continue to rock on and have a great recovery following his chest closure tomorrow.

On a totally unrelated note, my little big-foot has already outgrown his socks! I brought probably 20 pairs of size 0-3 month socks and they won't stay on his big ol' feet! It's hilarious! I keep trying to shimmy them back on his feet every hour or so but they keep sliding off! He definitely has his mommy's feet! So last night, hubs and I decided to get LO out of the house for a bit so we made a Target run. I checked out their baby sock options and found some adorable ones for my boy, size 0-12 months! He'll definitely continue to rock out with these little guys on his tootsies:

Check out the little sneakers!

 Love the little monkey and giraffe! Although I think it's hilarious to have a non-slip grip on tiny baby socks! LOL!

I had to get these ones that say "I Love Daddy" and "I Love Mommy."


  1. The socks are so cute! Hoping things continue to go smoothly for Chase!

  2. I'm so glad that Chase is doing great!! That is fabulous news. Continuing to think about yall and pray!