Friday, November 13, 2009


My poor sweet boy! He still has a paralyzed left vocal cord so he sounds very raspy and hoarse. The good news is it's actually improved a bit from last week. The bad news? It's just plain pitiful!

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  1. oh how sweet those baby noises are!! he sounds great all things considered. emma kate had absolutely no voice at all (even after we came home at 3 weeks!) and her vocal cords were fine. it was absolutely pitiful to see her crying with no sound!

    i hope things are better. i know chase will continue to improve!

  2. Awww I think that is adorably cute!! Aly was the same way Bethany said Emma Kate was. No sound for about 2 weeks. Her little face would crinkle up and she would be throwing the biggest fit.. but absolutely no noise. He looks great! I'm glad that he is doing so well!!

  3. From one vocal cord patient to another, "Keep healing, little fella. We're praying for you!"