Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed! Words cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing gifts God has blessed me with!

My husband: He is my rock! He keeps me grounded when I feel overwhelmed. He spoils me and takes such great care of me. He does more for me than I deserve and I am the luckiest woman in the world to call him my husband. And if that weren't enough, he is also the most amazing father to our children. We are so blessed to have a loving, Christian man as the leader of our family!

LO: There is no better 2-1/2 year old on the planet! LO has been absolutely amazing on this journey. She's so resilient and has adapted well to her world turning upside-down these past 6 weeks. She's enjoyed spending time with her various caregivers (Thanks, D, Mona, Gramma & Pa Pa!!) and has made things so much easier for us with her (mostly) good behavior. While I might get frustrated with her at times, I so love her with all my heart and couldn't imagine a day without her in my life!

Chase (a.k.a. "Rock Star"): Where do I begin??! This little man has absolutely stolen my heart and ran away with it! I continue to be amazed by his progress through this journey. He took his first full feed this morning by bottle and did fantastic! We're going to start bottlefeeding every other feed now! I'm still anxious to find out what the game plan will be once he's taking all of his full feeds of thickened milk by bottle. God has truly blessed us with an amazing little baby and I cannot put into words how he makes me feel. I'm so proud to be his mommy!

My Family: My mom, sisters, in-laws and extended family have been an amazing source of strength, support and encouragement to me. They have lifted me up when I was down, strengthened me when I was weak and rejoiced with me over God's numerous blessings. I would be lost without them! I am so blessed to live so close to my mom, sisters and their families and see them so often (when we're not at MUSC, of course!). I have the best family in the world!!!

My Friends: Words can't express how incredible it's been to have such amazing friends to lean on for support. They have encouraged me through phone calls, voicemails, emails and text messages. It's a blessing to have awesome friends who are walking with me through this journey and who remind me that I'm not alone.

Thank you to everyone who loves me and my family and for your constant support!


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You will always have a Thanksgiving testimony to give when telling others about Chase. When looking at his picture, one would never guess everything he has been through in the first month of his life.
    May you enjoy this day of many blessings and with your family of four (and anyone else who happens to be visiting today).