Monday, November 9, 2009

One Week Post-Op

Dr. Hsia is in the process of removing Chase's RA line at this very moment -- the FINAL STEP before we're given the "go ahead" to hold our baby boy!!! I am beyond ecstatic! Thank you, Lord! I still can't believe one week ago today he was in surgery!!!

Chase has also been doing a great job of handling his feeds. They started him on 4 ccs per hour Saturday night and he's already up to 16 ccs per hour. He's handled the feeds so well -his stomach is soft, he's had a few stools, is still peeing well and is managing the residual in his tummy well. He is moving his feeds a little slow right now but that is to be expected.

They also want him to have a consult with an ENT since he still has a raspy cry. They just want to be sure there isn't any damage. Again, this is relatively normal.

One concern we do have is that Chase's white blood cell count was a bit high this morning. They're doing some additional tests and cultures to hopefully rule out any infections. Please pray these come back normal!

So that's where we are today, just one short week after surgery. God is so good and we will coninue to give Him all of the praise and glory for the miracle He's performing in Chase's life!

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  1. What a miracle! I have to tell you that I never once worried about the feeding issues before I was at MUSC with Mary Clare. Even though she was a little heart rock star, those feeds nearly drove me NUTS! She wouldn't eat enough in the specified time, her tummy couldn't take the amounts, she wouldn't suck, swallow, feed. UGGH, it was so frustrating. We even created an excel spreadsheet that tracked her times, amounts, ways of feeding. We were obsessed. Looking back I am so thankful, however, that that was the bulk of our worry at the time. How ironic, huh? Just keep on trucking, and praying which you seem to be doing just that! We are certainly rooting for you!! Way to go, Chase and family!! YAY!
    Love, Kerri

  2. Way to go Chase! He is doing absolutely fantastic with his feeding. I am praying they don't find an infection...although that can be cleared up with some antibiotics. I am with Kerri...I never thought about feeding and I keep a detailed spreadsheet now too. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  3. Thinking of you and Chase. Keep the updates coming. Hoping for the best.