Saturday, May 17, 2014

Big, Fat No-Go for Discharge Today :(

We broke the cardinal rule of heart patients following a heart surgery: We jinxed it. Like all over the place jinxed it. And now we won't be going home today.

Even after half a dozen qualified medical professionals reviewed Chase's x-ray from today and cleared us for discharge, the surgeon on call found the tiniest (very insignificant per our Resident and Fellow) pneumothorax and will not allow us to be discharged. We will need to stay inpatient and repeat the chest x-ray in the morning.

Disappointed doesn't begin to describe this feeling.

It's all our fault! The bags were packed. The car was loaded. The leads and lines were all off. Chase was dressed in "real" clothes. We told him we would be going home to see LO and E today. We literally had one hand on the door handle, awaiting the official discharge documents to get us on our way.

We were told a pneumothorax this insignificant, located near the top of his right lung, is not unusual following the removal of a chest tube. And in basically every other case, it hasn't prevented discharge.

Until today, apparently.

Guess I'd better have hubs unload the car and find some quality entertainment for our boy once we break his heart and tell him he's stuck here for another night.

Sorry for the terrible tone of my post. I'm frustrated, disappointed and sad. It's all good. Everything will be fine. This really isn't that big of a deal.

Except it kind of is. To me, at least.

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