Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moving Up

The team (minus Chase's surgeon) rounded this morning and basically told us there's no change. :( His chest x-ray was sill a bit hazy, even though his drainage has started to decrease. They can't remove any of his 3 chest tubes because he's still not eating and we won't know if he has problems processing the fat in his foods with his new circulation until after he starts eating. He's really dragging on this and I think most of it is due to his fear of another vomiting spell. It just breaks my heart! He complains often of his tummy hurting and I know it's because he's hungry! He hasn't eaten in 5 days!!! Please pray we can get some food in that belly!

The man himself, Dr. B (Chase's surgeon) stopped by about an hour after rounds and told us he thinks it'd be best for Chase to head upstairs to 8D so we can work on getting him out of bed and mobile as that is the best way to loosen and remove the excess fluid on his lungs.

Well, what would you know? We're all packed up, have a room assignment on 8D and are awaiting transport to take us upstairs.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and a step closer to home. But it's also where the hard work really begins, for all of us but especially Chase. We're gonna have to get him up and moving around all while he has 3 tubes sticking out of his chest and a central IV sticking out of his neck and an o2 probe on his toe and biotelemetry wires measuring his heart and breathing rates. In other words, it's gonna be crazy difficult and uncomfortable for him. But it's a step in the right direction, so we're all for it!

Well it's about that time! More to come from 8D!