Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quarantine: Day 14

Day 14 of quarantine has been a slow, quiet day. This guy showed up in my room and proceeded to chat away about all sorts of things! It was wonderful waking up to this silly boy!

I just love him -- bed head and all!

After breakfast we set up a makeshift photo studio to take 1st birthday pics of E with his cake. We have the exact same shot of the older two and of course had to do one with E as well. It definitely wasn't my best work, but it'll do! It helps that I had an adorable subject to work with!

See these other two 1-year-old cuties with their cakes?

Of course I can't just share one pic from the shoot today... here's a few more!

Haha! Love him!

So I finally started packing today. Three kids' worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes, toys, books, activities... whew! It's quite overwhelming! I must admit that folding up those hospital gowns I made along with the rest of Chase's clothes and loading them up into his Super Mario suitcase was quite a reality check for me. This is really happening. Really.

Packing, playing with the kids, napping (seriously, I had The. Best. Nap. Ever. today!) and that was about it. Oh, Chase did decide to run outside in his pajamas this afternoon to hit the sprinkler hubs had set up to water the new sod that went in last week...

I called him inside for dinner and he proceeded to strip down out of his wet pajamas and enjoy his meal in nothing but his skivvies! He's seriously such a riot, this boy of mine!

And please excuse the horrible lighting, but I had to include one more pic of this guy. My baby!

I've noticed I don't have any pics of LO today. Weird! I'll be sure to make up for it tomorrow. ;)

Thanks again for reading these ramblings as we prepare for Chase's 3rd heart surgery in a few days. We are so in need of the continued prayer support of our family, friends and blog readers! Please keep us in mind as we make preparations for heading down to Charleston and getting Chase through everything that is coming his way. We just love our rock star so much and we just know God is going to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine! To Him be the glory!!!

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