Thursday, May 1, 2014

Quarantine: Day 11

My sweet LO was ridiculously adorable for her next-to-last day of 1st grade! Seriously, I love her so much, and this go-to photo pose of hers? Adorbs!

Today was a pretty quiet day. Laundry pretty much sums up my efforts. And I set out like 2 or 3 items to be packed. Pretty impressive, huh?

Babies in overalls ftw!

I seriously cannot get enough of this boy!!!

After school, LO and I played some iPad games (My Horse, anyone?) while I painted her nails. She was much more excited about it than she looks...

I spoke with her about the many transitions coming her way right around the corner -- her last day of 1st grade, beginning homeschooling, temporarily relocating to Charleston, her little brother's heart surgery -- and how she's sure to have many thoughts and feelings about all of it. She understands that I'll be at the hospital a majority of the time with Chase and I told her it makes me sad that we may not have the opportunities to connect with each other to talk about the thoughts and feelings she may experience in the coming weeks. Then I surprised her with a My Little Pony diary (complete with lock and key!) for her to journal the things on her mind for us to share and discuss when we do have the chance to be together. She was so stinkin' excited about it! Apparently she's always wanted a diary... although she's never said so to me before! LOL! Then the sweetest thing happened: she wanted me to have the extra key. That way I could read it and know what she's thinking and feeling. I was speechless at this extraordinary girl of mine!! I love her so!!!

We had a pretty quiet night. Tomorrow is a big day! A special breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts (she says she'll eat 3!)... Last day of 1st grade at her current school... A big Subway lunch reward for her and one friend (she picked Logan, her "boyfriend")... I hope she has a spectacular day! I'll also probably put some effort into starting packing for our trip and cleaning the house (who wants to come home to a dirty house? Not me!).

Thanks again to all of you who are following along on our journey... even in these "mundane" quarantine days leading up to Chase's surgery. We really appreciate those of you who have been our prayer supporters and have offered to help us during this time. We cannot tell you how much this means to us! Thank you!!!

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  1. Such a thoughtful thing for you to do for LO. Her giving you the extra key just melted my heart. I will definitely be praying for all of you as you head to Charleston. My office will, once again, be praying for Chase during his surgery and recovery. We had his picture up on our refrigerator at work for the longest. I will be sure to take a new one in next week. Have a great weekend and try to have some fun in the midst of the craziness.