Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cardiology Appointment Results

Chase had a great appointment this morning! He cooperated wonderfully for the four BPs, O2, weight and height. He was not, however, in the mood for the EKG. I couldn't blame him though -- 12 stickers all over his chest less than 3 weeks after heart surgery? No fun for my poor guy!

He did quite well for his echo, and then it was time to wait on Dr. H to review everything and examine Chase. He was very pleased with everything!!! He decreased his Lasix from 3x/day to 2x/day, so Chase will be glad about that! Hopefully we'll wean off or down to 1x/day when we go back in 2 weeks.

Dr. H also decided to put Chase back on an ACE inhibitor. He had been on Enalapril since his Glenn in March 2010, but MUSC discharged him after his Fontan without putting him back on it. Dr. H says that he wants him on this med due to his tricuspid valve regurgitation, so he prescribed Lisinopril, which is only 1x/day (whereas Enalapril had been 2x/day). We expect he'll be on the Lisinopril along with his aspirin for life.

So it was a great appointment today and we're very pleased with how things look! It's wonderful to be post-Fontan and we're hopeful that soon we'll get down to cardiology checkups only once per year going forward!

Way to Rock the Fontan, Chase!!!

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