Sunday, May 11, 2014

Post-Fontan Night 2

Night #2 was both good and bad. Mostly good I guess. Chase seemed to be resting somewhat well throughout the early evening. He mentioned his tummy was hurting several times but it wasn't clear if it was nausea, the chest tubes or a need to poop.

Around 12:30 AM, we had our answer when he puked. A lot. Everywhere. The poor thing! I have no idea where the volume came from as he hadn't had more than a few sips of juice and bites of crackers all day. But there it all went, and then some! Along with the Tylenol and Oxycodone I had fought with him to take an hour earlier. A bed change and lots of wet wipes later, he was resting again.

Then per the norm, our middle of the night chest X-Ray showed up around 3:30 AM. Chase's favorite. It was over quickly and he tolerated it well. But had a tough time going back to sleep.

I asked his nurse for meds to help and we agreed we didn't want to give him or Tylenol or Oxycodone as his tummy would probably not handle it well. She & I agreed on some IV morphine. She came back and dosed him up and I waited patiently for him to settle down. Only he started acting... silly. Like, loopy silly. I got very concerned as this is not his typical response to morphine. He also got the hiccups which was weird and seemed very uncomfortable what with the chest incision and tubes.

I checked with the nurse and she had added Versed to his cocktail.


She said the day nurse told her it made him sleepy?? This was news to me! I hadn't heard he had been dosed with any Versed other then prior to his surgery Friday morning.

She also said the hiccups were from the Versed too. Ugh! Poor guy! He needed to rest but instead had the hiccups and was telling me I had 5 eyeballs. He was so chatty and loopy... not at all what we needed or expected.

Luckily he seemed to finally calm down and settle after about 20 minutes of crazy. And he slept well for the most part.

The nurse told me his chest X-Ray looked hazy, "very hazy," actually, and the echo tech would be heading in to take some pics of his heart to look for perfusions. I believe the haziness is somewhat expected since he's confined to bed and unable to move around to get that extra fluid off his lungs.

So the echo tech arrives at 6:30 AM to my sleeping baby boy, but was very quiet and gentle and able to get the images he needed without much disruption. He did see a good bit of fluid but it was a pretty typical amount for this stage of Fontan recovery. We'll just need to get him up and moving soon to help flush that fluid out through his chest tubes.

Sunday should (hopefully) be a rather quiet day. We should have more direction, information and a game plan after morning rounds on Monday.

Thanks for checking in and praying for Chase!!!

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