Monday, May 12, 2014

Post-Fontan Night 3

Sunday night has been quiet. Chase has been sleeping a good bit and this is wonderful for him! Just what we want! He's getting up to potty as needed, and with diuretics on board to help flush the fluid out, there has been a lot of both frequency and volume. Awesome!

He had a chest x-ray around 2AM and the preliminary reading is that it is much less hazy than last night, meaning he has dumped out a good bit of fluid, but there's still more in there to get rid of. As he continues to get more active and move around out of bed more, that fluid will be displaced and he'll be even more comfortable.

His nurse (who we loved MUCH more than last night's) drew some labs around 3AM so we'll see how those look and adjust as needed (his electrolytes have consistently been low and they've pushed more potassium and magnesium bicarbonate the past 3 days as needed).

I'm curious to hear what his surgeon has to say about everything when he rounds in a bit. He wasn't on call this weekend, so he should be impressed with the progress Chase has made in such a short time! While we'd love to hit the step-down floor on 8D today, Dr. B is known to be very conservative (a trait we especially appreciate in our son's heart surgeon!) and may decide to keep him in the ICU another day to monitor his chest tube output. I'll also be curious to see if he decides to remove his medial chest tube and central line or not!

Our biggest goal is to get Chase drinking and eating ASAP. This will help him lose the central line in his neck and also ease his (empty) tummy pains. He finally just took 2 bites of a Nutrigrain cereal bar and a good sip of apple juice around 5:45 AM, so hopefully he'll keep it up this morning. Or, I guess technically, hopefully he'll keep it down this morning... no more puking! That spell Saturday night really messed with him and has been keeping him from eating or drinking. Poor sweet baby!!

I'm not looking forward to them replacing his peripheral IV with a new one today, and I'm pretty sure he's not gonna be too thrilled, either. Please pray that they are able to get access easily and with as little discomfort to Chase as possible.

More updates soon after morning rounds! Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes for our Rock Star!

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