Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pre-Op Day Success!

For those interested in the specifics of tomorrow, we are scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 AM, they plan to take him back around 6:15 AM and should begin the procedure at 7:30 AM. It should take about 6 hours from that time.

Here's a summary of our day of pre-op. Chase was all ready to go this morning!

EKG? No worries! It literally took longer to put on the stickers than complete the test!

Chest x-ray was next. It was one of two hard parts of his day. He fought us on the chest x-ray big time!! But it was over quickly and we moved on to the next thing.

Oh, the next thing turned out to be his blood draw. Daddy held him down on his lap while they got it done. He was NOT a fan. Again, it was over fairly quickly.

After a quick escape to the cafeteria for lunch, we went back upstairs for his echo. He did awesome, per his norm.

After all of this, we waited to see the important players for tomorrow, including the surgeon, anesthesia team, cardiologist and more! All of our questions were answered, and we were pleased that we didn't have any surprises and that everything is as we expected it to be. It's weird being in this place again. Four years seems so long ago, but at the same time, it feels like we never left. Maybe because it's our reality 24/7, whether it involves surgeries or just the day-to-day life of loving a child with half a heart.

After the "fun" of pre-op, we went back to the house to grab our other two and my mom to grab dinner. These two! Love!!

After dinner it was time for some go-kart fun! This is one of Chase's favorite things of all time!!

A motorcycle ride later, and it was time to head back to the house.

But not before one last "pirate" pic with Blackbeard! Chase didn't get the pirate memo.

Then of course it was time for ice cream!

Considering it's almost 9:00 PM and we still need to get this guy a shower, I guess I'd better get back to work! I'll post updates tomorrow as we receive them during surgery beginning at 9:00 AM.

Thank you so so so much to all of you who are praying for us, texting us and thinking of us. We especially covet your prayers over the next 24 hours!! We are blessed by your love and prayers!!!

As a reminder, you can send cards, notes, etc. to Chase (as well as LO and E) at the address below:

PO Box 12406
Charleston, SC 29422

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