Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Post-Fontan Night 5

Wow. It's been over 4 years since our last stay in the cardiac step-down unit with Chase and apparently I must've blocked it all out of my memory. It's amazing how quickly it all comes flooding back though. There is absolutely no reasonable expectation of one getting any amount of sleep on the floor. Period. If I wasn't so sleep deprived I would probably find it comical. But I am, so I don't.

Luckily Chase had a few decent bouts of rest last night. He had his chest x-ray around 4 AM and was up to potty a few times. He had some blood in his stool so we've got to do some extra tests to see what's going on there. Please pray it's nothing serious.

We're having a hard time managing his pain since we no longer have access to morphine or versed up here. We're anxious to give him Oxycodone due to his previous experiences but it's really our only option besides Tylenol. We gave him a half dose at 7 AM to see how he handles it, and so far so good. We're hoping to get him eating a bit this morning so when he's due for another dose of Oxy at 11 AM, we can try a full dose. We need to stay on top of his pain, especially if we want to get him moving, which we definitely do!

We expect the doctors to round soon so we can hopefully get some answers on what our game plan looks like for today. It seems as though his drainage continues to decrease but I'm doubtful they'll want to remove any of the tubes. I've heard the center one is the most painful and kids usually start to feel better once it's out, but since he hasn't really started eating yet, I'm not sure it's even something they'll consider.

More to come after rounds...

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