Friday, May 9, 2014

Fontan Post-Op Summary

I know it's been a few hours since my last post, and I apologize for the delay in sharing a summary of Chase's day! We've been by his side since 2:45 PM and his ICU room has been buzzing all afternoon/evening as the team works to keep him comfortable and moving forward with his recovery.

As I mentioned in my last post, his surgery went perfectly and his surgeon was very happy with everything. The only "issue" they had was that for some reason, Chase came out of the OR red. Yes, red. They assumed it was an allergic reaction to something, but weren't able to pinpoint what. It quickly dissipated and his color was pretty normal when we first saw him. In fact, we finally saw a PINK(er) Chase! His oxygen saturation was much higher -- due in part to his new Fontan circulation and his 100% O2 ventilator settings.

It is now 9PM and we are working on slowly weaning him off of the ventilator so we can get the breathing tube out. He's still completely sedated and the plan is to keep him that way to allow him to continue to rest throughout the night. I plan to stay by his side, which is made much easier by the fact that we are in a "private" room in the PCICU. They are very family-centered here and allow us to stay bedside 24/7 if we choose (and believe me, I choose to do so!!).

I'll update more later as we make progress, but I'm hopeful it's a quiet night for us both.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for our sweet boy!!!

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Fontan is Complete!

2:16 PM. We just spoke with surgeon and everything went exactly as expected. He did great and is getting settled into the PCICU unit at this moment. We were told we should be able to see him at 2:45 PM.

I guess we're technically "post-Fontan" -- something we've been waiting almost 5 years to be! But I won't breathe a real sigh of relief until I have seen that boy of mine with my own eyes!

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts and prayers throughout this day! We are so grateful for your support!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and pics!

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Fontan Update #6

2:04 PM

"Will be over (to see us) shortly. They are in the PCICU."

We are waiting to speak with the surgeon.

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Fontan Update #5

1:13 PM

"Not much longer..."

We've been advised to remain in the waiting room as the surgeon will look for us there shortly after Chase arrives in the PCICU.

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Fontan Update #4

12:05 PM

"They have just come off heart lung bypass, all is going well, have about 1-2 hrs to go before arriving to PCICU."

Fontan Update #3

11:06 AM

"They are better than half way there. All is going well."

Thank you for the continued prayers!

Fontan Update #2

9:55 AM

"They are on heart lung bypass and working away, all is going well."

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Fontan Update #1

Our first pager update was received this morning around 9:05 AM.

"All is going well in the OR, just getting through scar tissues as expected. Chase remains very stable. Will send hourly updates until they are finished."

Keep praying!!!

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Fontan Surgery Begins

We were out the door this morning around 5:15 AM. Someone was in a pretty good mood considering how early it was!

We arrived at the hospital just after 5:30 AM this morning and headed to the surgical check in area. We had already registered for today's admission yesterday, but apparently there were some issues that resulted in a bit of a "re-do" this morning. Just a short delay before we were able to take Chase back to get prepped for his surgery.

The staff was great and had us quickly checked in. Before we knew it, it was time for his special versed cocktail. He did NOT want to take the medicine, so hubs had to hold him down while I had him drink it. They have him a small sip of water afterwards and he was happy. Literally less than 5 minutes later, he was REALLY happy!

We talked with our silly boy for a bit, then after lots of hugs & kisses, it was time to hand him over to the anesthesiologist to take him to the OR. Thankfully he was happy and didn't mind it one bit. We stood there and waved as we watched our son be carried off for his third heart surgery. Not surprisingly, it wasn't any easier than the last two times.

We are situated in the waiting area, armed with a pager that will give us hourly updates throughout the procedure, with the first update expected around 9AM. I will post the updates here as we receive them.

Thank you to all who are praying for my sweet Chase. Just thank you.

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